I am a senior-level designer, and I love doing what I do.



Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, XD, Dreamweaver, Premiere, Etc.

Sketch - A vector design program, streamlined for visual interface and user experience design.

Blender - Powerful open-source 3D rendering tool.

Traditional Media - Graphite, ink, paint, and woodworking. My hands.




Senior UI/UX Web Designer @ Clark University -
Responsible for the design and production of new content layouts for the web, including visual and interactive design for online marketing campaigns, emails, and direction of photography. Creating and enforcing styles and brand identity is also a major part of this role.

Senior Digital Designer @ Constant Contact - As a contract designer, designed several high-concept email campaigns, illustrations/icons, and infographics for the company's marketing Creative Services department.

Web Designer @ Worcester Polytechnic Institute -Rapidly produced finished visual designs for the university's new website migration to Drupal. This included interpreting wireframes into finished layouts, and creating and expanding upon site components - such as widgets.

Visual Designer @ Intralinks - Created finished graphical interface designs as part of the User Experience team, infusing flow wireframes with the appropriate patterns and iconography to be implemented by front-end development. This role demanded quick turn-arounds and solving user dilemmas with intuitive imagery.

Digital Designer @ Keurig - Multi-faceted role whose primary focus was the creation of full digital marketing campaigns, involving the design of landing pages, emails, web advertising banners, homepage graphics, and various consumer-facing assets. Specialized contributions were the creation of illustrations, icons, the team’s design templates, and identity creation for several customer programs.

Visual Designer @ Intuit - A highly productive contract position supporting the creation of user interface elements and user experience flow for Intuit's QuickBase software.